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Membership Registration & Renewal

The PTO is in the process of updating our membership registration and renewal system in association with our new online directory.  All parents with children in the Weston Public Schools should have received an email containing instructions and links to join or renew their PTO membership for 2016-17 as well as sign up for volunteer opportunities.  If you did not receive this email, please contact Nancy Varela or Jen Betty.

You may also join or renew by clicking on the button below. 

The Weston PTO is Going Green!

Before the annual PTO membership drive begins soon, we wanted to update you on some exciting changes in the Weston PTO.

Green Initiative:  The PTO Board has voted to implement a parent proposal from Alyson Muzila and expand the PTO board to include two Environmental Coordinators to oversee the assessment and implementation of environmental efforts throughout the district.  Please join us in thanking Alyson for her initiative and efforts and in welcoming her and Remke van Zadelhoff as our Environmental Coordinators for the 2016-2017 membership year.

Online Directory:  Starting with the 2016-17 membership year, our PTO directory information will be available to members online, and accessible via computers and mobile devices.  See the attached image for a sense of how the directory will look.  

  • Once the drive begins, PTO members will be able to login to 1) view and update their family information on the system (and will continue to be able to do so throughout the year, so directory information remains current), and 2) indicate interest in PTO volunteer opportunities in the schools. 
  • The directory will go live over the summer, and PTO members will then be able to access directory information for other PTO member families, search by school, grade, student and family, and print their grade and class lists.     
  • As part of our transition to a paperless system, we will be printing a limited number of directories this year, which will be available to members while supplies last.  Note that calendar information will no longer be included in the printed directories, but will remain available via the electronic calendars on the PTO website (www.westonpto.org), which are updated regularly with schedule changes.  
  • Our online directory will be hosted by My School Anywhere, a company used by many other area PTOs and schools, including Wellesley, Wayland and Lexington.  For information about the security features of My School Anywhere, see http://support.myschoolanywhere.com/article/108-what-security-features-are-built-into-your-system.   As in years past, any family that wishes to be excluded from the directory may complete a paper opt-out form.  PTO members will also have the option to exclude their information from the online and/or print directory during the registration process. 
  • Stay tuned for further information and FAQs on the new sign-up process and system.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alix Campbell, PTO Vice President, at alixcampbell97@gmail.com.  



_________  Panel Discussion  _________

The "Beyond Measure" panel discussion was captured by Weston Media. Check it out here:

Beyond Measure”:  A panel discussion sponsored by Weston Parent Teachers Organization and Weston Public Schools, April 26, 2016.



 _______ All are welcome _______

Join us for the next PTO Board meeting on May 18, 2016 at 9:00 - 11:00 am at the Case House.   Click here for 2016 meeting schedule and past meeting minutes All are welcome.               


 Spring speaker Fiona Jensen of


______ PTO NEWSLETTER ______

Want more information or regular updates?  PTO provides members with a subscription to our weekly newsletter Westword.

Westword is published each Wednesday during the school year and sent via email. Announcements must be submitted to westword@weston.org no later than 2:00 pm on the Thursday before to be included. 


PTO Exclusion and Secondary Address Forms

Each year the Weston PTO publishes an all-school Student Directory.  This year the directory will be available in print and online.  Parents who wish to EXCLUDE their child's personal information from the directory may fill out an Exclusion Form and parents who wish to list a SECOND ADDRESS may fill out a Second Address Form. These forms are also available in the main office of your school. You need only submit these forms if you would like your child's information omitted from the online and printed PTO Directory or a second address listed.To access these forms click here.

Note: if you would like to change or correct errors in last year's directory, please login to infinite campus and update your information online. Alternatively, you may contact the main office of each of your child's schools and ask the Administrative Assistant to update your information in the school database. For information on logging into Infinite Campus please email Nick Blank at blankn@weston.org  or call 781-786-5252.


  _________  Welcome  _________

Welcome to the Weston Public Schools PTO!

We are looking forward to another year of supporting the dynamic Weston Public Schools community.

If you have not already done so, please join or renew your membership. Thank you!

When you join the PTO you contribute to the educational enrichment of your children and the continued excellence of all of our schools. Being involved in the PTO is a direct link between you and your child's experience in the Weston Public Schools. All membership dollars go to our robust program offerings. 

There are many ways to get involved and support the incredible work that is going on in the schools. Please consider volunteering your time and talents in the following areas:

·       Developing programs to enhance curriculum with the Creative Arts Committee and Math and Science Council

·       Creating opportunities for our children and our families to participate in Community Outreach efforts

·       Identifying important topics and speakers in child development and education for our Parent Education events

·       Fostering community within our schools through volunteering in the classroom and district wide events

·       Supporting faculty and staff through recognition events and celebrations

·       Facilitating communication through westonpto.org and Westword

·         And more!

The Weston PTO needs your involvement, in ways both big and small, to continue to provide the same exceptional level of support to our schools.

Please join us, volunteer, and get involved! 

Thank you!

Barbie Cobb
Weston PTO President 2015-2016

Alix Campbell
Weston PTO Vice-President 2015-2016


___________  ABOUT PTO _________

Weston PTO is a parent led association in Weston, Massachusetts that works to promote educational excellence and opportunities for children and encourage a strong community of students, parents, and faculty members from all Weston schools.

Benefits of Membership

This is the organization to join if you want to connect with the Weston Public Schools and community and take part as a family in all the activities the schools have to offer.


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