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Directory Production

Liaising with the Case House and Superintendent’s office to update and maintain the PTO’s yearly directory; which is sold as a fundraiser during the membership drive.

The directory involves sending out forms to all the students in the school district to notify the parents for exclusion or 2nd address inclusions.  The directory currently lists all the students by grade and surname, with addresses, email and telephone numbers.  

The contact at the Case House will send the list of students to be “run” into a simple program.  The program is then checked and sent to the typesetter to edit and “make readable”

This is a position of maintaining contact continually with various people including faculty, parents and the typesetter.  Having a quick email response time, attention to details, thick skin, and comfort with Google Docs are very important!


Chair, Communications - Serves on Executive Committee.  Submits articles regarding PTO activities to Weston Town Crier and shares PTO information via other approved communications channels.  

Assists PTO Board members with messaging and communications with members, including crafting language for various communications and using Wild Apricot system to send messages to membership. Oversees home page content for the PTO website as needed.  Maintains and administers PTO Communications policy and approved PTO social media accounts.  

Assists PTO Board with marketing and branding efforts and other initiatives involving communication.  Evaluates communication opportunities and advises PTO board.   Designs, administers and reports on surveys of the membership.  

Co-Chair, Communications - Serves on Executive Committee.  Assists Communications Chair with any duties and responsibilities above as requested and learns Chair position in order to be able to assume the role in the future.  

Community Outreach

Mission Statement:

To provide resources and support to community organizations in need and introduce our children to philanthropy and encourage their participation in our programs.

Job Description:

  • Determine which charitable organizations and activities to support in a given year and outline the scope of the Programs
  • Review Program details with relevant school administrators and field questions, as needed;
  • Stay abreast of local Programs/Drives outside of the PTO to limit overlap
  • Devise and distribute appropriate communications and marketing materials relating to each Program
  • Develop new Programs to ensure Community Outreach efforts ar current/of interest to students
  • Determine appropriate number of volunteers to support all Events
  • Recruit, train, and manage volunteers for Events
  • Determine appropriate supplies needed for all activities and purchase or seek sponsorship (through local businesses), where possible
  • Attend monthly PTO Board Meetings and provide a committee report
  • Track expenses and participation in all Programs to evaluate at year-end

Creative Arts Council

The Chair of the Creative Arts committee oversees performing arts recommendation and scheduling for Weston Middle School, Field , and Country/Woodland. Primary responsibility of the Creative Arts Chair is to oversee communication between respective creative arts school chairs, lead monthly meetings and serve as liaison between creative arts members, PTO, and WEEFC.

The Creative Arts committee has designated committee members who serve as “ creative arts school chairs” . These individuals are tasked with identifying programming needs, scheduling, writing WEEFC grants and supervising at the performances for their respective schools. Therefore, the responsibility of the Chair is primarily managing the communication process between committee members.

The Chair is expected to lead committee meetings 1x month, attend PTO meetings 1x month, and provide additional communication support, as needed. Expected time commitment is 3-5 hours a month. 

Please note: Looking At Art (LAA) & WordFest (WF) are organized under “Creative Arts” ; however, these function as its own stand alone committee. They participate in Creative Arts meetings & updates but the Chair of Creative Arts does not have to manage LAA or WF.  

Co-Chair serves on the School Council and attends monthly Council as well as PTO Board meetings. He/she will represent the Chair at PTO Board meetings if the Chair is unable to attend.

The Chair/Co-Chair role is team oriented, with the only grade specific activity being the assigning of room parents in August and organizing the Fourth Grade Parent Social.


The Legal counsel is responsible for completing and filing the Federal Tax Form and State Annual Report on behalf of the PTO. The filings are both due in late October/early November, and are required to maintain the tax-exempt status of the PTO, which is a 501(c)(3) organization. In addition, the legal counsel is called upon to answer whatever legal and quasi-legal questions that may arise during the course of the year.


This is a two-member team in which the Co-Chair shadows the Chair for a year before taking on the leadership role. The main responsibilities are promoting and tracking membership.  Pursuant to this, the team:

  • helps manage the distribution of the directories to members, schools and other town organizations, which includes finalizing lists of recipients for the printer. 
  • tracks membership information/statistics and enters memberships on the Wild Apricot system. 
  • coordinates a schedule of PTO board members to attend back to school events and encourage membership/sell directories. 
  • prepares communications for Westword, Grapevine, Crier, sandwich boards, emails, etc. promoting membership, thanking members who have made donations, advertising sales of directories, etc. 
  • processes memberships and payments that are received at events, in the mail or at Case House.
  • organizes the delivery or distribution of directories to those that signed up after the printer’s deadline, by way of having members pick them up at the Case House or at their homes. 

The bulk of the work is at the beginning of the school year (Aug. – Oct.) and at the end (May-June). New Membership chairs should be available to “shadow” the  outgoing membership leads in May and June.

PAC for Special Education

In terms of responsibilities - every town or city has to have a PAC according to the MA general laws (See below - when the state does periodic reviews, they check to see that a PAC exists) and the role is to advise the School Committee on matters pertaining to special education and work with the administration to help improve programs and services for students with special needs. In MA, public school districts serve students with special needs from ages 3-22.

Parent Education

The Parent Education team works with school administrators, town organizations, as well as community and faculty leaders to identify relevant topics and issues that are of interest to the parent community across all grades.  Based on the areas of interest, the Parent Ed chair and co-chair research potential speakers who can present on these topics; a shortlist is developed and the chair and co-chair invite the potential speakers to present in Weston.  The chair and co-chair negotiate a speaking fee, reserve premises for the event, and handle all marketing. If the speaker has a book related to the topic, the Parent Ed team works with Wellesley Books to have books on hand to sell before and/or after the event.  Typically 3 events are held each year.

The Weston PTO Parent Ed chair positions are two-year terms.  The first year is served as co-chair; the following year the co-chair takes the lead as chair, and a new co-chair is named.

Spring/Early Summer- Work with school admins, town organizations, parents, community and faculty leaders to identify areas of interest or need. Research potential speakers and invite them to present in Weston.  Confirm dates (check with PTO Calendar chairs for possible conflicts), negotiate speakers’ fees, reserve event space.

Summer- Submit dates to PTO Calendar Chairs so events will appear in electronic and hard copy versions of PTO Calendar. Send dates/topics to Weston Media as they often tape our events.

Event Timeline (Marketing)- Verbiage should be the same throughout all media. Westword- announcements included if sent by 3pm Thursday before publishing (following Weds).  Send once a month prior, then 2 weeks prior. PTO Website- Coordinate with Communications and Webmaster board members. MyGrapevine (will run whenever requested)- Run “Save the date” one month prior, one week prior, and… the week of the event.  The day before you can write “Tomorrow night- Don’t miss…” Posters- Mounted and laminated 2 x 3 posters can be made through Staples or FedEx/Kinkos.  Display poster outside of event venue evening of the event.

Event Logistics -  Confirm with speakers as date approaches. Get bios for use in introductions. Ask if speakers are OK being taped by Weston Media (they need permission to record). Ask if speakers have any AV needs. Confirm where/when to meet the night of event. Bring check if balance is due. Confirm recording for Weston Media with Gloria Cole. Arrive early to the event to check set and AV, bring water for speakers, introduce speaker, moderate/facilitate as needed, keep time.

After Event: Capture highlights- jot down notes regarding attendance, comments/feedback from attendees, thoughts on presentation… engaging presenter, good discussion, etc. Send thank you note- email is fine. Share video link with Communications and Webmaster so that it can be posted on website.

School Chairs

Country School

Country is represented by a PTO Chair and Co-Chair who coordinate school events, teacher appreciation events and attend School Council meetings.  This is a two-member team in which the Co-Chair shadows the Chair for a year before taking on the leadership role.

Responsibilities include hosting Principal coffees throughout the school year, monthly meetings with the Principal, and allocating Room Parents for each class.

  • August - Gather class list information and start assigning Room Parents, match any volunteers using sign-up genius.  If no one volunteered for specific tasks such as third grade yearbook or beautification, start soliciting.
  • September - Meet with the principal to determine grade specific coffees and new family coffee
  • October & November - Attend all coffees and make sure to make the coffee hot and delicious
  • December - Arrange for the much appreciated cookie social, solicit all bakers, gather all the supplies and host the event for the staff. Purchase any gift cards or flowers for the Winter Concert. 
  • February - Start meeting regarding the faculty luncheon
  • March - Solicit volunteers for the faculty lunch, setup, serve and breakdown for the staff
  • April - Principal coffee, begin gathering volunteers for Art Day
  • May - Principal coffee, begin working on Field Day placements, solicit volunteers etc. Purchase any gift cards, flowers etc. for the Spring Concert
  • June- Field Day, coordinate with Mr. McCarthy, finalize volunteers and food

Throughout the year, each month you will attend the PTO Board meeting on a Wednesday morning and the School Council meetings typically held on Wednesday afternoons.  Monthly reports are submitted to the PTO Board along with frequent updates to the website manager and to Westword. Reminders regarding coffees and different events are frequently sent to room parents.  Mostly, have fun learning about your child's school on a more intimate level. It's a great position to have.

Field School

The Field School PTO Chair serves as a liaison between the PTO, school Principal and the parent community.  The Chair works closely with the Co-Chair and after seeking approval from the Principal, the Chair will select Room Parents for each of the 4th and 5th grade classrooms. The Chair presents an orientation program for the Room Parents and with the infrastructure in place, the Chair coordinates school-wide PTO efforts, working through the Room Parents to solicit volunteers as needed. School-wide PTO efforts include programs directed towards students (e.g. teacher holiday gift, staff appreciation luncheon) and parents (e.g. BTSN, grade forums, Principal's Coffees, etc.)

The Chair for the Field School heads the Hospitality Committee. This committee provides all refreshments for events such as the Principal's Coffees, and in addition, is the lead on the Holiday Gift Basket and Staff Appreciation Luncheon.

The Chair also heads the activities that lead up to the 5th Grade Celebration. The three main arms of this effort involves the production of a 5th grade video, the actual celebration day activities and fundraising to support and pay for all of the above.

 The Chair works closely with the school principal, meeting regularly to discuss school issues and to assist with special projects as needed.

The Chair serves on the School Council, which meets monthly. 

The Chair also attends monthly PTO board meetings. The Chair provides a report regarding Field School activities/programs and participates in the meeting discussion. Additionally, the Chair is responsible for monitoring the school’s PTO budget.

Co-Chair Responsibilities:

The Co-Chair’s position is two-fold: to shadow/learn the Chair’s function so that he/she can effectively lead and implement those tasks during his/her time as Chair; and also to actively assist with executing on the many areas of the Chair’s role.

It is expected that the Co-Chair will attend all meetings determined necessary to run specific programs (Holiday Gift, Staff Luncheon, 5th Grade Celebration) as well as determined meetings with the Principal to discuss relevant topics. These meetings serve as an invaluable tool for understanding the timeline and process of being Chair; insight which enables the Co-Chair to manage/mentor & put his/her unique stamp on her “Chair” year.

Woodland School

Woodland is represented by a PTO Chair and Co-Chair who coordinate school events, teacher appreciation events and attend School Council meetings. This is a two-member team in which the Co-Chair shadows the Chair for a year before taking on the leadership role.

Responsibilities include hosting Principal coffees throughout the school year, monthly meetings with the Principal, and allocating Room Parents for each class.

  • August - coordinating refreshments for Back to School Nights
  • September - coordinating volunteers for Picture Day
  • October - hosting the Annual Cookie Exchange
  • December - organizing flowers and hosting coffee at the Winter Concerts, liaising with Country & Field PTO Chairs to organize the Annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon
  • March - host a breakfast during Teacher Appreciation Week, organizing flowers and hosting coffee at the Spring Concerts and coordinate volunteers and organize Fun Day which takes place in June.

Other Responsibilities - Room Parents orientation (September), coordinating volunteers throughout the school year, and seasonal school beautification.

Middle School

The Middle School PTO chair is the second year of a two-year position. 

The Chair coordinates volunteers for PTO events and school activities at the Middle School. The MS PTO Chair collects a list of general volunteers at the beginning of the year and for special events.  The Chair then makes sure all volunteer staffing is in place prior to the start of the school year.  The Chair works with teachers, staff, and leaders of committees to assure volunteers are recruited for programs and program logistics are understood. The Chair has regular communication with Grade Level Teacher Heads as to class and grade activities.

The Chair attends monthly PTO board meetings, school council meetings, meetings with the Principal and Assistant Principal and other relevant events that arise during the school year.  On average, there are about 30 Middle School PTO managed events each school year. 

The Chair is also responsible for managing the Middle School PTO budget.

The co-Chair spends its first year assisting the Chair in all of the above.  The co-Chair learns the ropes in year one and then takes over the Chair role in year two.

High School

The High School PTO Chairs serve as a liaison between the PTO, school principal and the parent community. The High School Chair and Co-Chair work closely with the school principal.  They meet regularly to discuss school issues, coordinate school events, teacher appreciation events, and attend School Council and Parent Advisor meetings and assist with special projects as needed. This is a two-member team in which the Co-Chair shadows the Chair for a year before taking on the leadership role the following year.

Science and Math Council

Science and Math Council Chairs work together to plan numerous science and math events for all K-12 grade levels. Together with science and math curriculum leaders in the various schools, the Council Chairs are responsible for recruiting parent volunteers, brainstorming new enrichment opportunities, identifying and scheduling new guest speakers per teacher requests, planning event logistics, and writing WEEFC grants to secure funding for these events. Examples of events include Science Museum and Drumlin Farm presentations in the elementary schools, K-5 Math and Science Night, STEAM Inspirations Fair at the Field School, HS Honors Biology and Chemistry mentoring, 6th grade MIT tours, 11th grade pharmaceutical company tours, and a high school summer internship placement program. Monthly meetings are held to encourage collaboration and identify ongoing teacher requests and challenges that we can support.  


Monthly email sent to Janet Bohlin 3 weeks prior to PTO Board Meeting.  Send details of Meeting ("Our next PTO Board Meeting will take place.... The public is welcome to attend. Contact PTO President - Name and contact info) to be put in the Town Crier and Westword.

Monthly PTO Board Meeting reminder sent 7-10 days prior to each meeting.  Include details of meeting and ask each chair for their report to go in the minutes.

Take minutes at each monthly PTO Board Meeting. Put together minutes and reports in to PTO Minutes template. Send out PTO Board Meeting Minutes with Monthly Financial Actuals (provided monthly by Treasurer) within 7 days after the meeting. Repeat Monthly.


  •  Maintain and balance PTO bank accounts.
  •  Deposit PTO membership payments.
  •  Transfer funds from membership payments in Paypal to bank account. 
  •  Manage account payments and balances on Quicken; create reports as needed for  PTO chairs  and monthly meetings.
  •  Assist in creation of PTO budgets.
  •  Issue payments for reimbursement requests submitted by volunteers.

Vice President

The Vice President's duties include, but are not limited to:

  • assisting the President as needed and accepting responsibilities delegated by the President and/or Executive Board
  • participating in Executive Board discussions and decision-making
  • performing the duties of the President, such as leading meetings, in his/her absence
  • being an ambassador for the PTO and the Weston Public Schools
  • attend monthly meetings with the Superintendent one week in advance of the PTO Board meeting to discuss items of interest in town/schools and to set the meeting agenda
  • attend School Committee meetings
  • attend WEEFC meetings
  • run School Council elections for each school
  • attend Committee Meetings (Creative Arts, Math and Science, PAC) when possible

Ideally, the Vice President should also be willing to serve as President the following year.


This team keeps the organization's website current by maintaining web pages, links, meeting minute postings, and provides technical support for membership and volunteer committees.  This is a two-member team in which the Co-Chair shadows the Chair for a year before taking on the leadership role.
Duties include:  
  • update the webmaster, membership chair's, and treasurer's contact information
  • give permissions to new board members and remove permissions for board members who have rotated off
  • maintain and update webpages as necessary
  • update the Westword link weekly
  • submit board report once a month
  • pay the Wild Apricot invoice and submit for reimbursement 
  • field any questions that come through the website

 Westword Production

Westword is the weekly newsletter sent out by the PTO by email to the PTO members and school faculty and personnel.  We receive submissions from various organizations on a daily basis requesting that we publicize their upcoming events.  It is the responsibility of the Westword chairs to go through the requests to determine what should be published and when it should be published, usually only about three weeks prior to the date of the event.  There is a fair amount of editing as each entry in Westword should only be about 4-5 lines long.  Each week the Westword chair will go through Westword from the prior week to delete the events and postings the have occurred.  The chair will then read the new emails that have come in and will determine which events will be published for the upcoming week.  Once this has been determined, the chair will 'create' the new Westword for the upcoming week and will then request that it be reviewed by the Westword co-chair, the PTO President, and Janet Bohlin in the Superintendents office.  Once it has been edited and necessary changes or additions have been made, the chair will schedule Westword to be emailed for the Wednesday of that week.  All in all, Westword probably takes about 2-3 hours of time per week.  There are times when it does not take as long and other times when it takes longer based on the number of submissions.

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